How Do I Choose The Right Window Cleaning Company?

by View Crew Services | 06/28/2022

..Every professional window washing company has a different way of going about business. Choosing the right window cleaner is important as you will likely be using them for years to come, and will be investing time and money into the process. Window washing is an important part of home maintenance, here are some tips for choosing the right one!

Read Reviews and References

Oftentimes you can tell the quality of a company’s service through their online reviews. Are the reviews generally all good? Are they close to a 5 star rating? Make sure to read through a mix of reviews, good and bad. If a company has mostly positive reviews, that is a good sign that this company does good work and you should definitely reach out to them for a quote.

Always ask the company for some client references, these customers will be able to tell you about their experience with the company and how their service works. These people may be able to tell you where the company lacks, and what it is best at!

Receive Multiple Quotes

In order to choose the best company in your area, you should always take a look at the options available. Have a few of the top rated window cleaning companies come and give you an estimate. Compare their prices, professionalism, and services offered.

A good company will send out a professional representative to connect with you and price out the job. Don’t feel pressured to accept a quote on the spot, weigh the pros and cons of each company. One may have a higher price, but do they provide a better window cleaning service? Do they have a faster response time? Easy scheduling? Ask all of these before choosing your window cleaner, you will probably be working with them for years to come.

Proof Of Insurance

Always ask to see proof of insurance when receiving a window cleaning estimate. Without insurance you can be susceptible to serious financial damage. Make sure that they are covered in all areas of your job so that you can be comfortable and worry free when they do the job.

Check Out Social Medias or Latest Jobs

It is a great idea to check out the company’s recent jobs and compare them to your own building. If they are doing a lot of similar size work or even tougher jobs, chances are they will do a great job on your windows. However, if you only see small and lower level window jobs, it might not be the best idea to hire them for your three-story house.

Check comments or tags on social media as well. Many people will often speak freely on these platforms, not to mention it is a good sign when customers are interacting positively with the company on social media.

Decide For Yourself

When it comes down to deciding on a window cleaner, take these things into account and go with your gut. Chances are whatever cleaning company made you feel the best about hiring them will be the right fit for you. If there is a mutual respect between the client and the company, everything else usually goes smoothly!

Take initiative today and request a free estimate with our company. Here at ViewCrew, we make it simple, fast, and customer friendly. Setting up a window cleaning job has never been this easy!

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