What are the benefits of professional window cleaning?
1.) Enhance the appearance of your home.
2.) Extend the life of your windows.
3.) Eliminate unhealthy mold from your home.
4.) Prevent insects and bugs from making your home theirs as well.
5.) Be able to know when you have window issues, and repairs are needed.
How often should windows be professionally cleaned?
To ensure that your windows do not get damaged from built-up grime, dirt, and mildew we recommend that you get your windows cleaned at least once a year. In many cases, homes and buildings are in areas where the windows will get dirtier at a quicker rate. For these circumstances, we recommend a window cleaning twice a year!
Does the client need to be home while you clean?
No, they do not! Although many people do like to be present when someone is working on the inside of their home, we have background checks on each and every employee ensuring a safe and trusted experience.
Does the client need to do any preparation before you arrive to clean?
No, they do not! Our employees will gladly move furniture and other obstacles out of the way to get to the windows. We do recommend if you have some valuables and or other objects that you may want to move, it is always very much appreciated by our team.
What if it rains? Will you reschedule the cleaning?
Here at ViewCrew, we reschedule the cleaning only if we feel it is necessary. On a day where there is a slight drizzle, we will still show up and get the windows cleaned! On the other hand, if it is pouring or the homeowner would like to move the date of the cleaning due to the drizzle, then we will reschedule.