How To Keep Your House Cool

by View Crew Services | 08/11/2022

When the hotter months of the year come around, we all struggle to stay cool in our homes. A/C just doesn’t cut it sometimes, and it can leave you and your family extremely uncomfortable. ViewCrew is here to give you some ideas on how to keep your home naturally cool!

1. Window Film

The standard window glass will let in about 90% of sun’s heat, and even Low-e windows will let in about 70% of solar heat. The sun is definitely heating up your home, but window film is a great product to combat that. Window film (also known as tint) is much less expensive than installing new windows and just as effective in rejecting heat. Applying residential tints lowers the solar gain through your glass by 80%. The technology of window film rejects heat back to where it came from, meaning film will benefit you as an insulator in the winter and keep you cool in the summer!

2. Window Blinds/Shades

Installing window blinds is another way to reject some of the solar heat gain through your windows. However, it is not as effective as window film and less aesthetically pleasing. By having your shades or blinds closed, you lose the natural light entering your windows. If you don’t need the natural light, blinds are a great and easy option to help combat the heat!

3. Fans

Fans are a great way to help the air circulate through your home. Instead of turning your thermostat down, try adding some plug-in fans that rotate. This will help naturally cool the hotter rooms in the house.

Ceiling fans are also great! Try running your ceiling fans counterclockwise to pull cooler air upwards and expel the warm air that tends to rise. Keep your windows open while running fans, it will help to bring in fresh air, and send the stagnant hot air inside your home out.

4. Plant Trees & Other Greenery

If you plan on living in your home for a considerable amount of time, you should consider planting trees and other foliage to help create natural shade. The shade will help stop heat from entering through the windows, roof, doors, etc. Not to mention it will create a cooler space to relax outside!

5. Open Windows At Night

Obviously, the temperature naturally drops at night, so why not take advantage of it? Save some money on A/C during those cooler times and allow more airflow to enter through your windows. The cross breeze will blow hot air out, allowing you to sleep better and start the morning with a nice and cool home. Just remember to shut those windows!

6. Cook Outside

Making a large meal for the family? Consider cooking with the grill as much as possible during the summer as using the stovetop or oven will only make your home hotter!

7. Inside Doors

Make sure that all the doors inside your home are open. Closed doors cut off circulation throughout your house and can make rooms extremely hot. This helps to regulate the temperature through your entire home and is very important to naturally cool your space.

8. Cook Outside

Making a large meal for the family? Consider cooking with the grill as much as possible during the summer as using the stovetop or oven will only make your home hotter!

9. Turn Off Home Appliances

Avoid turning on appliances, or smaller things even such as lamps. Using these will generate waste heat that gets released into your home. Avoid things like ironing and drying laundry until later in the day when it’s cooler.

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