How Window Film Can Improve Your Commercial Office Space

by View Crew Services | 07/07/2022

The most important piece to having a thriving office space is employee comfortability. Maximizing your top employees’ workflow and efficiency is something that all business owners need to increase the overall output and success of their venture.

This enhancement to your office space creates a comfortable atmosphere for employees and pays dividends in the long run for businesses that require high focus. Below are a few facts about how window film products can make your work environment the most efficient as possible.

1. Temperature Control
Have you noticed that there are times during the day where it becomes overwhelmingly hot in the office? Too much heat causes workers to become tired, dehydrated, and ultimately, distracted. Window films reject up to 98% of the sun’s infrared heat that passes through clear glass. By rejecting a significant amount of heat entering the building, window tints allow for the room to stay cool and comfortable. The benefits of window film will allow employees to enjoy a better work atmosphere, increasing their daily output within your business. Not only will film reduce the amount of heat coming into the room but will also reject the heat from direct sunlight that may hit a few employees more than others. Now the entire office can be naturally cool, your employees will thank you.

2. Glare Reduction
Sun glare issues are very common within a commercial work space due to the large glass windows on many buildings today. Oftentimes the sun makes it extremely difficult for workers to see computer screens and puts a lot of strain on their eyes. Not to mention, some glare can be so harsh that it may restrict them from working at all in that certain spot, desk, office, etc. Window film blocks up to 88% of the sun’s blinding glare, eliminating a once existing problem that affects work efficiency. With glare reduction window film installed, sun related issues will never bother you again!

3. Decorative & Privacy
In many offices there are rooms divided by large pieces of glass to create open conference rooms or to divide for individual offices. Sometimes this becomes an issue of privacy, ascetics, and functionality. Decorative window films enhance the look of your office space. Whether it is a custom design, or a basic decorative frost, you can turn any open conference room into a private one that is free from outside distractions. Tints are vital to improving functionality, and the feng shui of your workplace. Not only will this improve work efficiency, but it will attract your employees to come into work where they can enjoy an uplifted and modern look on a daily basis.

4. Energy Efficiency
As brought up previously, window film rejects a significant amount of the total solar energy (heat) entering your commercial workspace. If your space receives a hefty amount of sunlight, you may be able to save thousands of dollars on energy bills. Window tints generally pay themselves off within 3 years of being installed due to the energy savings. When solar heat enters a building, it heats up the whole room making it hard for your A/C units to keep the temperature at the designated number. Solar control window films immensely reduce the amount of heat entering your office, keeping the space naturally cooler and saving your A/C unit tons of work.

Window film will improve employee workflow, comfortability, and energy efficiency in your building. If you are looking to solve these issues within your commercial office space, contact a professional today and learn more about how you can design the perfect work environment with window tint!

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