Increasing Safety & Security For Schools

by View Crew Services | 05/03/2022

Especially today, the number one priority of all schools should be the safety and security of its students. While the security of educational buildings has improved in recent years, they are nowhere near as safe as they could be. Having a rather tight budget, it can be hard for schools to continuously upgrade their security. Retrofit security window films offer a cheap and effective way of providing increased safety for all students, here’s how.

Increased Response Time:

One of the most important aspects of safety and security film is gained response time. In any dangerous situation, time is of the essence as a matter of seconds can mean life or death. By strengthening the glass, intruders must work extremely hard to break through. This will give any faculty or security officers more time to notify police and go into any safety protocols in place. On top of this, intruders will be discouraged from entering the building as they will have less time to escape apprehension and will have less discretion entering the school.

Building Entry Points:

Many schools have certain security systems in place at the main entrances of the building such as security officers, video cameras, entry codes, etc. While these are all great, they don’t necessarily protect the building from intruders entering the building. Glass doors can easily be broken through and are extremely expensive to replace with toughened glass. Security film is applied to the glass to create a protective barrier from any outside forces. Without affecting the view, security film is attached to the frame (as well as the glass) fortifying entry points and preventing shattering. When a force is applied to the glass, the film expands to absorb the impact and keep the glass in place. Film is an extremely effective way of securing entry points to any building.


Lower-level windows are also very susceptible to attacks, intruders, or other threats. Many classrooms are located on the first floor, applying an extra layer of security to easy to reach glass will help keep students and faculty safe. Objects that are thrown or smashed into the glass will be deterred by the film, allowing time for the classroom to be evacuated and safety protocols to be put in place.

Protection From Unpredicted Dangers:

Security film provides a level of comfort against any natural disasters that may occur, such as:

• Dangerous weather
• Explosions
• Fallen Objects
• Construction Accidents
• Schoolground Accidents
• Protection From Falling Through Windows
• And More!

By stopping glass shattering, schools can protect students from any accidents that could result in broken glass. Broken glass can easily harm, or even kill, anyone within the vicinity. Removing this hazard will enhance the safety of any school building!

While you can’t put a price on safety, window film is the most cost-effective tool to upgrade the safety of students and faculty. If you are an active member of your local school community and are interested in film installation, reach out to your schools Superintendent!

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