Should You Install Window Film In Your Home?

by View Crew Services | 02/17/2022

Always do your research prior to making an investment, especially when it pertains to home improvement. With film it really depends on your home and your windows, for most people the positives of tinting outweigh the negatives. But the most important question is, will you receive a return on investment?
How Window Tints Benefit You
Windows often have serious issues in residential properties. They often become fragile and energy-inefficient with time, while also having normal problems like annoying sun glare or not providing enough privacy in your home. Window treatments are a much cheaper and efficient way of resolving your window issues without replacing them.

• Protection Against Fading & Harmful UV Rays: Constant exposure to UV rays from the sun fades furnishings and upholstery near your windows. Fading can cost you big in the long run, forcing you to replace any sun damaged furniture or upholstery. Sunlight coming in from your windows also damages your skin. According to the American Cancer Society, sun rays are the main factor in the premature aging of skin and skin damage. They also report that UV rays can damage one’s eyesight. Window film eliminates 99.9% of UV rays, protecting both you and your furnishings from the sun!

• Increase Energy Efficiency & Temperature Control: Certain window films are designed to control heat loss and energy leaks. Low-emissivity films helpt to hold heat in and reject the cold during winter months, and helps to keep your AC in while rejecting heat in the summer. Energy efficient tints, such as Hüper Optik’s Therm-X Series, reject solar energy from entering through your glass mitigating any hot or cold spots in your home. This will lower your HVAC consumption because you will not be changing your thermostat due to fluctuating temperatures.

window film in home

•  Enhance Privacy: Decorative and privacy window films can spice up your home’s look, while providing privacy to your space. No need to put your shades down or hide from your windows, these tints will inhibit all outsiders from seeing into your windows without affecting the natural light allowed into your home.

• Mitigate Excessive Glare: Annoying glare affecting your focus or ability to work? Having a hard time seeing your T.V. or computer screen because of the sun? Sun control films reduce glare while also maintaining a natural view. Now you can be comfortable in those sunny spaces of your home without being blinded by sunlight or becoming overwhelmingly hot. Don’t let the sun affect the comfortability of your home!

• Improve Safety and Security: Provide yourself the protection you deserve from the unknown. Security and safety films protect you from home intruders, natural disasters, explosions, and broken glass without affecting the look of your window. Security films make your windows shatter resistant, keeping you safe from any dangers that may occur!

Decisions Decisions…

Although window film can be costly, it is an investment that provides solutions for fading, energy efficiency, privacy, glare reduction, and safety. It is up to you whether or not these benefits are worth it, each residential install comes with a lifetime warranty. Film is a one time payment for a lifetime of benefits. ViewCrew offers free estimates, let us come show you just how window film can reward you!

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