Simple Tips For Keeping Your Windows Clean Longer

by View Crew Services | 02/10/2022

After having your windows cleaned by a professional company or doing them yourself, there is always the question of how long will they stay clean? Whether it is from rain or fingerprints, windows can collect dirt and grime fast naturally. Everybody wants to make sure that their spotless windows and perfect view last as long as possible. ViewCrew is here for you, read more to learn some tips and tricks to keep them cleaner for longer!

1. Use Proper Cleaning Technique

Windows can be extremely difficult to clean, often leaving behind streaks, fibers, dust, etc. A common mistake when cleaning is using the wrong solution. A professional window cleaning solution applied with a sponge works wonders to remove dirt and grime. An ulterior to one of these solutions is to use dish soap mixed with water.

After applying, do not dry the window with any type of towel, especially paper towels! Drying in circles will only spread out the dirt and grime leaving streaks. Instead, use a squeegee starting from a dry edge and working from top to bottom. Clean your windows like this and you will have spotless windows!

2. Interior Window Cleaning

To keep the insides of your windows clean, you want to avoid getting them dirty in the first place.

Make sure you do these things and the insides will stay clean for months!

• Keep smoke away from windows, smoke can make your windows look foggy by forming a layer of film on the glass. Light your candles at a distance!

• Clean your furnace filters and air ducts! These produce dust that floats throughout your home and will stick to your windows.

• For kitchen windows, make sure you are not allowing oils to spray onto the windows.

• This one is obvious, try your best to keep children and pets away from the glass. If they do happen to smudge up the window, use the technique above to remove any streaks or marks.

3. Exterior Window Cleaning

• Window screens trap dirt and dust which will affect the cleanliness of your windows. Make sure that you are cleaning your screens whenever you clean your windows and if you will not be opening the window for a period of time it is best to remove the screens entirely!

• Keep the grill away from the windows! Cook those burgers and dogs at a distance as the smoke will affect your windows view.

• Do not apply water to your windows. Make sure sprinklers or your landscapers are not getting water onto your windows. Watering your windows can cause mineral damage and force you to replace the glass 👎

While we absolutely recommend hiring a trusted window cleaning company to get the job done, these tips will allow for your windows to stay clean much longer. Clean windows will brighten your house and your mood, make sure you are giving them the attention they need!

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