Tips For Keeping Your Office Clean And Organized

by View Crew Services | 08/04/2022

A messy and unorganized office can negatively affect employee’s morale and efficiency within the workplace. In order to have a professional workspace it is imperative that you set standards of cleanliness and organization. Not only will this improve the functionality of your business, it will offer a more inviting space for potential customers and will let them know you take all aspects of your profession seriously.

Clean Your Windows

This is a very subtle task that has huge upside for your business. Dirty windows are easily noticeable and will be one of the first things your employees or customers notice. Most commercial building entrances have tons of glass, if they are covered in dirt and grime, it can harm first impressions for clients, employees, etc.

Windows are also a huge source of natural light for your building. A study at Cornell showed that employees exposed to natural light had less fatigue related symptoms such as eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision. Clean windows allow much more natural light to enter your workspace, improving the health and morale of employees.

Don’t waste workers time with cleaning tasks, hire a professional window cleaner to come in and get the job done on a regular basis. Window cleaners are generally cheap, and will get the job done right. Not to mention cleaning the exterior of windows can be difficult and dangerous.

Proper Storage

In an office you always need to know where things are so you can work quickly and efficiently. Make sure to put a system in place with labels so that all your employees understand the layout of your workspace. File cabinets, folders, and storage bins are great and cheap options.

You also may want to consider switching your business to paperless. Having an online system that keeps track of all your sales, equipment, product, etc., will help you grow your business and save you money in the long run.

Cleaning Up

Make it a habit for your employees to clean up after themselves. This leaves less clutter around the office and really allows your systems for organization to prosper. Some ways to minimize the mess are:

• specific eating areas
• having cleaning supplies accessible
• create a schedule for taking turns cleaning
• reward systems for cleanliness
• maybe even disciplinary systems for messiness!

Even if you have a janitorial service, you want your employees to hold themselves accountable for the cleanliness of the office. Lead by example in your business and teach everyone to have pride in the company’s space!

In business, sometimes the little things like clean windows can go a long way! You want to make sure that everything you are doing is pushing towards bettering your company and improving the professionalism within your workspace.

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