Premium Paver Sealing Services

Enhance, Protect, and Revitalize Your Pavers

The solution for your pavers is designed to restore their original look ,while providing long-lasting protection. Our service includes full cleaning, re-sanding, and the application of a high-quality sealer with anti-fungal properties to maintain the beauty and integrity of your pavers.
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Your Problems,
Our Solutions

Combat Algae, Lichen, and Stains on Your Roof

Saving Money

Paver restoration is a cheaper alternative to purchasing and installing brand-new pavers. Pavers need maintenance and proper cleaning to last a long time., Our soft-washing service ensures your pavers maintain that brand-new look, preventing you from buying new pavers before it’s necessary.

Roof Safety and Cleaning Efficiency

Dullness and Discoloration

Over time, pavers can lose their vibrancy due to exposure to elements, leading to dullness and discoloration. Our cleaning and sealing process enhances the color, texture, and brightness of your pavers, making them look brand new. The process is similar to cleaning driveways and sidewalks, though it’s more precise in order to preserve the original shape and size of the pavers.

Prolonged Roof Life and Cost Savings

Weed and Natural Growth Prevention

Weeds and natural growth between pavers can be difficult to manage and diminish the look of your property. Our sealing service includes removing existing weeds and applying a sealant that acts as a barrier against future weed growth and fungal development, keeping your pavers clean and well-maintained.

Roof Safety and Cleaning Efficiency

Weather and Stain Protection

Pavers are vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and staining. Our sealing process creates a protective barrier that shields your pavers from the elements and prevents stains, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for longer.

Our Process

Our expert team begins by thoroughly cleaning your pavers to remove any dirt, debris, or existing weeds. We then proceed with sanding, which helps level the pavers and maintain their stability. Finally, a high-quality sealant is applied, enhancing the pavers’ appearance and providing a protective coating against weather, stains, and fungal growth.

Why Choose View Crew Services?

Elevate the beauty and longevity of your pavers with View Crew Services.

Our comprehensive paver sealing service not only restores their appearance but also ensures lasting protection and ease of maintenance.