How Will Window Film Help Me Save Money?

by View Crew Services | 03/10/2022

While it is true that the initial installation cost of window film can be very pricey, it is important that film is seen as an investment. Like any other investment, one would expect to see a return. There are many returns from investing in window film, such as, increased comfortability, mitigated glare, improved safety, protection from harmful UV rays and fading, the list goes on! But in terms of saving money, energy efficient window tints will lower your HVAC consumption. Larger buildings with more glass will see a higher return, yet film can save you money in any space.

Residential Window Film

Installing film in residential properties is becoming a new phenomenon. Many people have issues with their windows related to the sun. Sun control is arguably the most important feature that tinting has to offer. When the sun’s rays are entering your windows, solar energy is also radiating through. Low-emissivity films will radiate heat back the way in which it came, meaning that it will benefit you in both hot and cold seasons. In the summer, heat from outside will be reflected back outside. During colder months, the heat inside your home will be rejected back into your home, rather than exiting through your window. You might still be wondering; how does this save me money? Think about it as temperature control, once you set your thermostat the temperature will stay there. Many people must crank their AC in the summer as the sun continuously heats up their home. Removing the fluctuations of your space’s temperature will lower your utility bills as your HVAC symptom won’t have to work as hard!

Commercial Window Film

Regulating temperature in large buildings with lots of glass will save you much more than in smaller residential buildings. Lots of glass means HVAC systems will have to work harder to cool down or heat the building, increasing your utility bills. Commercial buildings can see their utility bills reduced by up to 30% per year by installing window film and a return on investment in as little as 3 years! At ViewCrew, we offer free energy audits on your building to tell you exactly how much energy you will save, allowing you to decide if the investment is worth it.

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