Should You Rent Or Buy Holiday Lights?

by View Crew Services | 10/25/2022

If you are someone who loves to get in the holiday spirit, hanging lights on your home is a priority for you! When looking for the right lights, you definitely want to consider the question of buying or renting them. There are pros and cons toward both, however renting holiday lights is more ideal for most homeowners. Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of both!

Buying Holiday Lights

The best part about buying lights is that you own them. This means that you can use them whenever you want, for whatever you want. Besides that, owning them can be a real hassle to many homeowners. You will have to install them yourself, remove them yourself, and store them yourself. This is a lot of work and not to mention extremely dangerous. In fact, studies show that trips to the ER often increase during the holiday season due to injuries from hanging and removing decorations.

Further cons from buying your own holiday lights come from dealing with maintenance and storage.
When you own your lights, you are responsible for fixing any problems that occur. This could be something simple such as replacing a light bulb or could be more complex such as the entire light system being damaged from a storm. Then, you are responsible for replacing all your lights, ouch!

Storing them can also be a real pain. The wires often get tangled and they need a rather large space to keep organized. Often the lights will get damaged during the process of storage, meaning you may need to buy more the following season.

Renting Holiday Lights

Renting holiday lights may cost you a fee each year, but it will take away all the difficulties with buying them. When you rent your lights from ViewCrew everything is included, from help with the design, to removal and storage of all the equipment.

The only con to renting lights is that you can’t hang them at any point during the year. Here at ViewCrew, we start hanging lights in October and finish the season after the holidays by setting up an appointment to remove your decor. With quick response times and easy scheduling, ViewCrew can set up an appointment to have your lights set up in one quick visit. We have professionals hang your lights so that your home looks perfect, and they stay secured for the whole season. If there are any issues at all, we come back and fix them at a moment’s notice! ViewCrew has all the necessary training and equipment to safely install your lights, which most lack. Keep you and your family safe this season by hiring our pros!

Another pro towards renting lights is that we will store them properly until next season! You can schedule a date for the following year to have your lights hung up on the date you choose, so you never have to worry about preparing for the holidays again.

What Should You Do?

Overall, renting lights may cost you every year, but you will not regret how professionally done your house looks. It will look amazing, and you won’t have to lift a finger! If you’re the type of person who enjoys the process of decorating your own home, you should buy your lights. Just be prepared for the extra work and upkeep on your home.

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