The Luminous World of Holiday Lights: Facts and Trends

by View Crew Services | 10/03/2023

  1. A Historic Spark

The tradition of holiday lighting began in the 17th century when people used candles to decorate Christmas trees. It was Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, who first introduced electric Christmas lights in the late 19th century. His associate, Edward Johnson, took it a step further by introducing the first string of electric Christmas lights in 1882.

  1. Holiday Lights Around the World

Every year, various cities across the globe vie for the title of the most illuminated. From the Rockefeller Center in New York  to the festive displays in Lille, France, the charm of twinkling lights transcends cultures and continents.

  1. The Modern-Day Eco-Trend

With sustainability becoming a global priority, LED lights have risen in popularity. Not only do they consume 80% less energy than traditional bulbs, but they’re also brighter and last longer. Companies like ViewCrew are also working to make holiday light services more environmentally friendly, ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding flora and landscape.

  1. Bright Business

Did you know the U.S. alone spends over $6 billion on holiday decorations annually? A considerable chunk of this goes into holiday lighting. Regions with cold climates, in particular, see a surge in professional holiday lighting installations as homeowners prefer a safer, hassle-free installation process during icy conditions.

  1. Light Shows & Technology

Advanced technology has introduced synchronized light shows where homeowners can sync their lights to holiday tunes. Websites like Christmas Light Etc. even offer tutorials for those wanting to turn their homes into a visual and musical extravaganza.

  1. Cultural Integration

Christmas lights have evolved to include symbols and colors from various other holidays, reflecting the global nature of this festivity. Whether it’s Hanukkah blue and white lights or Diwali’s luminous lanterns, the essence of illumination transcends religious boundaries.

Holiday lights, much like the festive spirit, have evolved and grown over the years. They’re not just decorative elements; they’re symbols of hope, joy, and the warmth of the season. As you light up your homes this year, take a moment to reflect on the rich history and shared global love for this luminous tradition.

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