Using Storefront Curb Appeal To Gain New Customers

by View Crew Services | 04/06/2022

Owning a storefront location is a great way to draw in business, but that is only half the battle. Enhancing your storefront image will appeal to your loyal clients and catch the attention of new customers. First impressions are everything for a storefront, this article will show you some ways to really turn heads!


Window displays are a great way to promote your brand. Custom logo window film designs are a great way to make an impression on a passing customer. Window films are applied on the inside of your glass and have long lasting warranties. Decorative film is very catchy to the eye and comes with a long-lasting warranty. While creative stickers and posters can also be great window displays to promote important information, they often look unprofessional and fall apart. Window film is durable and has the ability to give passing people all the information they need to enter your store.

Signs are another amazing way to advertise your business. You can place signs outside or near your location that are consistent with your logo, colors, and branding. An important thing for signs is to make sure that they are visible. Signs that have small lettering will not help your business as passing people will be unable to quickly read the information. Make sure that the text is large enough, and the sign is in a place where passing traffic can easily see it.


Every aspect of your building should look clean and crisp. The windows should be cleaned as often as possible. It is suggested that storefront windows are cleaned professionally at least once per month, as well as a daily cleaning by employees. Clean windows allow people to see inside and will also bring in more natural light to your space.

The outside of your building should also be welcoming. Always make sure there is no trash or debris in front of your store. Exterior trim and painting should be updated as often as needed. Make sure everything is functioning properly as well, things such as doors, lights, gutters can break easily. Also, if there is any cracked concrete, broken steps, or you have an ugly walkway those should be repaired and replaced.


Make sure your landscaping is updated as much as possible. Plant vibrant flowers or greens if you have any lawn space. If you have no space, you can use window planters to add some refreshing flowers to your location! Of course, it is important to keep the lawn freshly trimmed and weeded as well.


Parking needs to be as easy as possible. If you do not have spots available directly outside your building, give clear instructions on where to find parking. This could be a part of your window display or signage. If possible, purchase parking space so that it can be only for customers of your store. By doing this, you are showing customers you truly care about their time and experience at your storefront.

By making up-keep a priority, customers will know that you are doing everything you can to welcome them and earn their trust. It will also make people much more comfortable entering your store! Do all these things and customers will be forced to notice your storefront!

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