Will Window Film Change My Window’s View?

by View Crew Services | 06/09/2022

Window film is constantly misunderstood, many times this happens because it is often referred to as a tint. While there are window tints that are very dark, the majority are rather light and still extremely effective.

What is window film?

This applicant goes on the inside of your windows and has numerous solutions to any window problems you may have. Most residential window films have a lifetime warranty and can also increase the value of your home.

Some issues window film can solve are:
• Excessive solar heat entering your glass
• Excessive sun glare from your windows
• Harmful UV Rays
• Sun damage to goods
• Fading of flooring, couches, curtains, etc.
• Energy efficiency (save money on utilities)
• Temperature control (provides insulation in the winter and heat rejection in the summer)
• Privacy
• Safety
• And more!

Does it have to be dark?

The short answer is no, there are many visibly clear window films that will perform great on your windows. Residential tints do not obstruct your view outside, however they all will affect the amount of light coming through your windows, making the color of your windows slightly darker. Today, film is made of polyester and other materials to create extremely effective products. With that, there are hundreds of different shades of tint and each one has a different level of effectiveness. For example, a darker film may be more effective in rejecting sunlight, however it will have a darker shade on your window and will affect your view more. One metric measured for each film is called Visible Light Transmission (VLT), which tells you the percentage of visible light allowed to come through the glass. The lower the VLT, the darker the tint. For example, a film with 30% VLT would be much darker than one with 70% VLT as it allows less light to penetrate the glass. Your job is to decide how much natural light you want to enter your windows and how effective you want it to be.

Other metrics important in deciding which film to go with is how well it blocks UV rays and how much heat from the sun it can reject. Nearly all quality window treatments will block 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun, so if this is the issue you are looking to solve the shade of the film may not matter as much. The highest performing film can block up to 85% of the sun’s heat, but that percentage ranges depending on which film you decide fits your home best!

How do you choose which film to install?

Your film should fit within your budget and be the most effective at solving the issues you are dealing with. When receiving a quote, you should have the window film technician show you the exact shade of tint on your windows to see if you are okay with the view! Don’t be afraid to ask to see samples, as there are many films which perform relatively the same but have different looks on the window. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at ViewCrew Window Services LLC to answer any of your film related questions!

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