Three Benefits To Residential Window Film

by View Crew Services | 07/18/2022

Residential window film has been around for years, however many people are unaware of the amazing benefits it can have on your home. Window film is a retrofit glass product that is applied to the interior glass of windows. Film can also be referred to as tint, and its main function within residential homes is sun control.

1. Temperature Control

A major benefit to installing window film is its heat rejection properties. Home tinting technologies reject up to 80% of solar heat gain, meaning your home stays naturally cool. This also works for heat retention during the colder months, film will reject the heat radiating in your home from exiting through the windows. With film, you can enjoy the sun room without getting extremely hot or having to get up and change the thermostat.

Due to the heat rejection properties, you will SAVE TONS on energy bills. Every time you turn up the AC or increase HVAC consumption, you are spending your hard earned money. Home tinting is 1/7th the cost of replacing your windows and just as effective. Sit back, save money, and live comfortably in your home with window film.

2. Protection From Fading & Harmful UV Rays

You may not even know it, but the sun’s UV rays are constantly causing discoloration and fading to your furnishings, floors, and more. This can cost your serious money for replacements or repairs. Around 40% of fading is caused by UV rays, while the rest is due to visible light transmission and heat. Window film rejects 99.9 % of UV rays from entering your glass, lowers the visible light transmission, and rejects solar heat, ridding you of all sun damage!

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “50 percent of UVA rays, the main cause of premature skin aging, can penetrate glass.” Protect your family and yourself from skin damage, skin cancer, and skin aging. ViewCrew offers a variety of window film brands that will block out the sun, not your view!

3. Glare

Have you ever been watching TV or working on your computer and glare from the sun affects your view? Window tinting is a great solution for any glare issues that you may have in your home. This will help you be more efficient while working and enjoy your downtime without annoying glare!

In general, film can help you create the perfect window for your home without the expensive cost of replacement. All of the residential films we offer here at ViewCrew come with a lifetime warranty backed by the manufacturer so you don’t have to worry about any issues in the future! It is an investment that will raise the value of your property and is something that all homeowners should consider. If you are interested in learning more, check out ViewCrew’s Residential Film Window Film section on our website!

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