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Please make sure any bushes, trees, or walkways that you would like lights on are included in the image. Please note: There is a minimum of $750 for our holiday Lights Installation Service.

What Is Commercial Holiday Lighting?

Commercial holiday lighting refers to the design, installation, and maintenance of decorative lighting for seasonal holidays in commercial spaces. This can include various types of light displays for holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Halloween, and others, and is typically used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of commercial areas, attract customers, and promote a festive atmosphere.

Businesses like shopping malls, hotels, city streets, and corporate buildings often use commercial holiday lighting to celebrate the season and draw in the public. The lighting displays can range from simple string lights to elaborate arrangements featuring LED lights, animated figures, and synchronized music shows.


Holiday Lighting Is a Smart Business Strategy

Transform your commercial space into a dazzling wonderland to captivate your audience. Holiday lighting isn’t just about celebrating; it’s a smart business strategy. 

Attract Attention: Brilliant lights make your property a visual landmark, drawing customers eyes towards your business.

Enhance Customer Experience: Create an inviting atmosphere that encourages visitors to stay longer and return.

Boost Morale: Light displays contribute to a festive work environment, improving employee satisfaction.

Stand Out: Set your business apart from the competition with a memorable display.

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Holiday Lighting Costs

Whether it’s soft washing your business or installing holiday lights, we’re no scrooges when it comes to our pricing. We offer a range of holiday lighting services that range from affordable to deluxe, which scale in cost depending on several factors listed below because we believe in fair, transparent pricing. 

Our services scale with:

Property Size: Solutions for small boutiques to sprawling malls.

Customization: From classic elegance to modern digital displays.

Budget Flexibility: Your options are endless, we have designs for every budget without compromising on quality. 

Investing in holiday lighting is investing in your business’s future. Let’s discuss how we can maximize your impact for every dollar spent. You can get a quote today when you give us a call at (781) 330-9736.

eco friendly

Energy efficient lights = less bills

Our lights are very energy efficient meaning they are eco-friendly compared to other options.

Energy-Efficient LED Lights: Reduce your carbon footprint without losing the sparkle.

Solar Options: Harness the power of the sun for a greener display.

Smart Systems: Advanced technology to manage lighting efficiently.

Save on Energy Bills: You wont even notice a difference in your electric bills with our lights on your building. 

Together, we can create a holiday spectacle that’s as kind to the environment as it is to the eye.

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Check out our lights and shop at the Butcher Boy complex in North Andover, MA

Installation Booking Begins in October. Sign up Fast as There are Limited Spots!

Ready to Shine?

With expert installation, premium lighting and decorations, and a passion for creating joyous holiday experiences, we’re confident your business will thrive this holiday season. ViewCrew Services can turn your business into a winter wonderland that can be seen from the highway.

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Book your expert design consultation online or by phone.


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Choose the professionalgrade LED lights and accessories you want.


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We install your lights in one detailed visit.

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Step 4

We’ll return at the end of the season to take down and store your lights.

Holiday Lights FAQs

Will You Install And Store Lights That We Own?
We cannot install or store lights that we did not provide. All our equipment is of the highest quality and our technicians are only trained to work with our specified products. We also can not warranty the quality or service of lights that we did not provide.
Is There An Extra Cost For Storing Our Lights?
ViewCrew Holiday Installation provides you with a full service from installation to removal to storage all for one price! Our quote includes everything that is involved with the service.
What Happens If Our Lights Fall Down, Stop Working, Or Break?
All of the work we do is fully warrantied, meaning we will come out as soon as possible to replace or fix your holiday lights. Just give us a call and we will come out right away to fix any issues, free of charge!
Are We Renting The Lights Or Do We Own It?
All of the lights are rented from ViewCrew. Our prices are for the installation, management, takedown, and storage for the year. If you would like to be done with the service, or you move out of our range, all you have to do is not get on the schedule the following season! This also allows our prices to be cheaper, instead of one large payment for you to purchase the lights.
How Much Does Holiday Lighting Cost?

There is only a limited amount of supply of our lights each year so we have a minimum of $750 for a holiday light installation job. However, jobs typically vary from $1500-2000 for the average home. If you are interested, request a quote and will will send you a design with an exact price. If you would like to add or subtract anything from the quote there is an option to do so. We will then adjust the price accordingly and send it right back!