How Long Does Window Film Last?

by View Crew Services | 06/21/2022

Customer’s always must consider the durability of retrofit glass products, such as film, because they are an important investment. Not only do you have to choose the right product for your issues, you also must hire the right installers and be sure to check that there is a manufacturer’s warranty for your purchase. All the films we sell here at ViewCrew have a lifetime warranty for residential and a 15+ year warranty for commercial spaces.

Window films have a general lifespan of 15-20 years, however, if taken care of properly they can last a lifetime. Here are some things you can do to prevent deterioration or damage to your film:

1. Make Sure Your Tint Is Fully Dry

• When cleaning the inside of your windows, it is crucial to make sure you completely dry off the film. Take a microfiber towel to the film, then dry and buff until there is no liquid left.

2. Be Careful Of What You Use To Clean Your Film

• Certain cleaning products cannot be used on window film as they will ruin the product. Any non-abrasive cleaning solution will work great, as well as any average glass cleaning products. Avoid all ammonia-based products!

• Also be careful that you do not go near the film with anything sharp or rough as it can easily tear, scratch, and damage.

3. Allow Film To Cure For 30 Days After Install

• Window film has a 30 day curing process in which the water underneath the adhesive evaporates, allowing the film to pull itself to the glass and attach. DO NOT touch, clean, or do anything to interrupt the film during this curing period.

Interested in learning more about what film has to offer? Check out ViewCrew’s residential window film and commercial window film pages where you can learn about the issues the film can solve!

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