Should You Clean Your Solar Panels?

by View Crew Services | 01/02/2023

Solar panels are an increasingly popular way for households and businesses to generate clean, renewable energy. However, like any piece of equipment solar panels require regular maintenance in order to function at their best. One important aspect of solar panel maintenance is keeping them clean. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to have your solar panels cleaned on a regular basis:

Increased efficiency
Solar panels rely on sunlight to generate electricity, and dirt, dust, and other debris can obstruct the panels and reduce their ability to capture sunlight. By keeping your solar panels clean, you can increase their efficiency and generate more electricity.

Extended lifespan
Solar panels are built to last, but they can be damaged by dirt, bird droppings, and other debris that accumulates on their surface. Regular cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your solar panels by removing these potentially damaging substances.

Improved appearance
Solar panels are a significant investment, and most people want them to look as good as possible. Regular cleaning can help keep your solar panels looking shiny and new, enhancing their overall appearance.

Cost savings
Solar panels help save money on energy bills, but if they are dirty or not functioning at their best, you may not be getting the full benefits of your investment. By keeping your solar panels clean and well-maintained, you can maximize your energy production and save more money in the long run.

In summary, it’s important to have your solar panels cleaned on a regular basis in order to maintain their efficiency, extend their lifespan, improve their appearance, and save money on energy costs (it’s the same with your windows!). Allow ViewCrew to clean your solar panels and ensure that they continue to provide clean, renewable energy for years to come.

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